Mechanisms of being a successful parent

Mechanisms of being a successful parent

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs you are likely to come across. Smart parenting advice and tips develop as your child starts getting older and you need to adjust to the needs or demands of the child. Let us now analyze some of the positive parenting tips.

Action is more important than words

You may find that your child has stopped listening because we give our kids more than 2000 commands a day. They do stop listening when we nag or yell at them. Instead of repeating things over and over again, figure out what action you will take. Say for example, if your child continues to dump the towel in the bathroom rather than hang it, next time you can take the action of dumping it in the ground. The message will go to the child that they need to hang it up.

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The child should be separated from their behavior

Never tell a child that he or she is good or bad as it will have an impact on their self-esteem. Communicate to your child that it is not them, but the behavior which you do not like. The child will understand that your love for them is unconditional and it is the behavior which you have issues about.

Rely on natural or logical consequences

Think what would happen in a situation if you do not interfere. In case of unnecessary interference, kids do not learn from their actions. Say for example, if your child forgets his shoes to the school, instead of taking them to school, let the child bear the consequences for that particular day. They may be not safe, or natural, but these consequences are a lot more logical. The process will help kids add logic to the concept of discipline.

Spending quality time

The world is moving at a fast pace and most of us are thinking of what to do next rather than focusing on our kids. We do not have time to give 100 % to our kids and rarely paying attention to what they have to say. The net result is that they tend to misbehave and do not listen to us. This is one of the major parenting tips for teenagers as negative attention is equal to none at all. The child expresses their thoughts to you and you need to pay attention to it. All parents are busy and it is important to balance your personal and your professional life. When parents bring jobs to their home, they are likely to be less tolerant and will argue with the kids more.

Take the inputs of your child

Take the opinion of your child on whether it is the right thing to do,as it will make them more valuable. Give your child choices, as they can give their input into the daily decisions. Sometimes the temptation will be there to do the task yourself rather than asking the child to complete it.

Be consistent

If you have set a limit and it is time to act on it, then do it without any harshness.  Such situations do not allow your kids to get into a power struggle with you. If you have told your kids that the toys will be put off after the timer, and when it happens set it apart without any form of nagging.